Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Safe computing - even more important than safe sex!

In a time when no real transaction is possible any more with at least some sort of digital management or handling, it is hard to comprehend that some people still use the same username and password for all different accounts.
The reason for doing so is yet understandable, because who can memorize all different names and passwords, and normally they include names of loved ones or pets for easier memorization.

Banking, investing, email etc. are jeopradized in case someone cracks one username and password, especially when weak passwords are used.

The solution is actually easy, straight forward and readily available: Biometric devices, especially finderprint scanners, will replace the necessity of using the keyboard. (By the way: Hackers normally take over the keyboard, and if you do not use the keyboard any more for accessing your accounts, you are limiting the risk tremendously)

The cost for those devices is less than 50 Dollars, and the benefit is enormous:

1. Have you ever spoken with someone whose idendity has been stolen? We are talking 10's of thousands of Dollars.

2. By using extremely long usernames and passwords which include letters and numbers will make it virtually impossible for someone to crack your account.

3. You do not even have to remember those usernames and passwords. The biometric software will manage it for you.

If you have any questions, emaill me any time.

Prof. Robert F. Kleiner